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Killer Xeno Pro

If you want to Gear Up to an Online Gaming PC, you have to divide and conquer. Online games demand a lot from your computer, so you need to assign specific tasks to specific components inside your PC for best results. Your GPU handles all the graphics that make these games look amazing in the first place. Your CPU handles game logic, physics and everything else that makes it a computer. But what about all the network traffic that flies in and out of your PC to make your onlinegames as amazing as they are? That's where Killer™ Xeno™ Pro comes in.



How It Works
The VisionTek Killer™ Xeno™ Pro bypasses your computer's slow and outdated network stack and routes all game traffic through Xeno's dedicated Network Processing Unit (NPU). This lets your CPU and GPU focus on their respective tasks while your Killer™ Xeno™ Pro handles network traffic at lightning speed. The result: better performance for all your online games and applications.


Game Detect™ Technology
All network traffic is not equal…especially when playing online games. When you're in the thick of a PvP battle or knee deep in orcs and trolls, you need the network traffic for your game to get in and out of your system fast. If it doesn't, you'll start to see your in-game ping rise and your frame rates drop. Bigfoot's exclusive Game Detect™ technology identifies and prioritizes the network traffic for your game above other network tasks and helps prevent the stuttering, pausing and jerkiness associated with lag and latency.



Smoother Online Gameplay

Offloads all network processing to the NPU and prioritizes game traffic, freeing up vital CPU resources to boost average frame-rates and smooth gameplay.

Game Detect™ Technology
Bypasses the Windows® Network Stack to transfer packets directly to/from the game. This speeds-up game execution to improve game responsiveness and increase your framerate.

Hardware-accelerated Voice
Chat is fully offloaded from the CPU, processed on Killer Xeno’s dedicated audio chip and accelerated through Xeno’s NPU. Killer Xeno™ is bundled with TeamSpeak 2, the #1 Voice Chat program for online gaming. Killer Xeno™ also supports Mumble, a free and open-source, cross-platform voice application.

Killer™ Bandwidth Control
Keep your network traffic away from your game by prioritizing your game above everything else. This way, you can download that new demo while leading a raid - all with no lag.

Killer™ Hardware Firewall
High-performance, hardware-based security that keeps intruders out and lets you live worry-free in the DMZ.

Plug-&-Play Compatibility With All Online Games
Works with all online games for improved performance without game modifications.

Onboard RAM dedicated to Killer Xeno's NPU for better network performance.

Speeds: 10/100/1000 Mbps

Power Requirements: Max 10W, Typical 3W
Network Processing Units: 400 Mhz.
Memory: 128 MB DDR PC2100 266mhz
Connector: x1 PCI Express
Ports: RJ-45, USB 2.0, 3.5mm audio input and output

Operating Systems:
Microsoft Windows XP 32 bit Microsoft Windows Vista 32 bit; Microsoft Windows Vista 64 bit

Certification/ Compliance:
Microsoft Certification: WHQL - XP and Vista
IEEE Compliance: 802.3, 802.3u, 802.3x, 802.3z
Regulatory: FCC Class B (CFR 47, Part 15, Subpart B)
RoHS Compliant