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VisionTek mSATA SSD - Manufacturer Part # - 900613

The VisionTek mSATA SSD Module combines enterprise class performance and reliability with low power operation to make the ideal embedded SATA III storage solution for use as a boot drive or internal high speed storage!

Providing an industry-leading bandwidth of more than 550MB/sec transfers, the VisionTek mSATA SSD module can approach the limits of the SATA 6Gb/s interface on large transfers. Performance reaches enterprise class standards with up to 60,000 IOPS while providing advanced power management for low cost of ownership via reduced consumption or extended battery life.
The VisionTek mSATA SSD module uses SandForice 22xxx processing, featuring robust ECC algorithm and redundant storage technology protects the data.   The SandForce enabled efficient bad block management and reduced write amplification further bolster endurance of the drive.   Drive health is monitored using an SSD-specific set of S.M.A.R.T. attributes. The combination of these techniques provides data protection unrivaled in the embedded storage industry.
VisionTek provides toll-free support 1-866-VTEK-411 (866.883.5411) and a 2- year limited warranty for all VisionTek mSATA SSD products.

Reduced Power Requirements



• No moving parts

• No volatile memory elements

• Sequential READ: up to 540MB/s @128K

• Super-low operating and standby power needs

• Improved resistance to shock & vibration

• Sequential WRITE: up to 425MB/s @128K

• Power requirements notably reduced over a typical HD  

• Predictable & manageable failure modes reduce IT costs  

• Random READ: up to 60K IOPs @4K




Fast Performance

Improved Operation

• Virtually zero spin up or seek times

• Noise and vibration free

• Zero rotational latency

• Virtually no heat emissions

• High sustained high-speed data transfers 

• Lighter than conventional storage