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High CPU utilization or DTV image is choppy running DTV Player


The information in this article applies to:

  • TV Wonder 650
  • TV Wonder 600

In some configurations, the DTV Player may indicate higher than expected CPU utilization. Other symptoms include choppy display or audio running DTV Player.
The symptoms differ from system to system, and not all systems exhibit this behaviour. ATI has not been able to duplicate this issue.
ATI Customer Care is recommending that the following troubleshooting steps be performed:

  • Update to the latest TV WONDER drivers and software on
  • Ensure that Windows XP Service Pack 1 or higher is installed before the TV WONDER software. Service Pack 2 or higher is recommended.
  • Close Anti-Virus software, as the scanner operation may yield higher than normal CPU utilization.
  • Close background tasks to free up system memory.
  • Ensure that the graphics card in the system meets the minimum requirements.
  • Check for IRQ sharing in Device Manager. If your find there is an IRQ sharing with another busmastering device, it is suggested to test the card in a different PCI slot.
  • Check for updated sound drivers.
  • Check for updated motherboard chipset drivers, or PCI busmastering drivers for your motherboard.
  • Check the system BIOS for any settings that related to PCI burst transactions, or PCI latency settings, and adjust according to your motherboard vendor’s recommendations.