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When video is output through an ATI HDTV Component Video Adapter, the TV image may appear enlarged or cut off.

On most televisions, a border around the edge of the display will be obscured. This is referred to as overscan; it is a limitation of the television hardware being used. The size of this overscan area, typically 5%, will vary with each HDTV and between each resolution chosen.

For example, more overscanning may be noticeable with 1080i than 480i. The effect is minimized with 720p, therefore, if your HDTV supports 720p, it is recommended to use this mode.

As of CATALYST 4.6, you may use the added feature called User Defined Component Video HDTV Modes.

The display driver provides a new interface that allows you to define the optimized modes for your HDTV, allowing for images to be properly centered on the HDTV. The interface allows you to specify a mode through a test window, and upon saving this information, it will be saved as a user defined preference.