DisplayPort – A Comprehensive Look into the Popular Video Connector 

HDMI, DVI-D, USB-A, USB-C, VGA, Thunderbolt 3, DisplayPort – so many connection types are available today that the information you need to know can get buried in compatibility charts and product promotions. Instead of going through the surface level details of each of these, we wanted to compile a more thorough look at the capabilities of one important connection type that is popular with content creators, gamers, and professionals alike: DisplayPort.  
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Understanding the Resolutions and Display Capabilities of the VT2000 & VT2500

When it comes to multi-display USB-C docking stations, you won’t find a better fit at an approachable price than the VT2000 and the VT2500. Each provides an impressive set of ports for connecting your devices, monitors, and other peripherals, and each extends the power and function of your laptop to full workstation capability. Both are 11-in-1 docks, ideal for professional and personal environments alike, and each offers up to 3 displays to expand your workspace. 
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Extend to Multiple Displays with the M1 & M2 Mac

Fortunately, there is an option for those looking for a workaround that allows for dual display capabilities within the M1 MacBook Air. Though not offered inherently out-of-the-box, MacBook’s dual displays are achievable using DisplayLink adapters. 

Use of DisplayLink for this purpose isn’t unheard of, but it’s surprisingly absent in digital discourse around the M1 and M2 Mac. 

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A Quick Guide to USB Port Symbols, Logos, and Icons

Here is our comprehensive breakdown of the symbols and logos commonly found on USB-compatible laptops and devices like connection ports, storage drives, charging cables, and more. Our hope is that knowledge of these icons can help you make an informed decision on which device connection type is right for your system, and what the symbols really mean. 
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More to Know About USB-C Connections - (USB-C Continued)

In our last breakdown of USB-C, we walked through the key features separating the USB-C connection type from its predecessors, focusing on the generations of USB technology and the upgrades offered by each of these cables. 

As the standard across the board for charging and data transfer, it’s more important than ever to understand the specifics of the USB-C connection type, and its primary features. To review, a few of the most important elements of the USB-C connection type are:

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Your 2022 Summer Vacation Tech Kit

While you’re gearing up for your summer fun, it’s important to consider some other gear that will take this summer’s fun and elevate it to a new level. VisionTek has the tech you need to bring the comforts of home with you as you go. 
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Thunderbolt™ 3 vs. Thunderbolt™ 4

In broad strokes, Thunderbolt™ 4 describes the progression in the Thunderbolt™ connectivity protocol that supports fast data transfer, charging, and high-res video via the ubiquitous USB-C connector. Under the hood, not much change has been introduced in this new iteration, but there are some important points to note when it comes to accepted specifications.
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VT5400 – Thunderbolt™ 4 Docking Station

As one of our most sophisticated docks designed to-date the VT5400 Thunderbolt™4 Docking Station is a huge upgrade to any home, office, or gaming system in terms of speed and connectivity, showcasing a generational performance and convenience update in our docking station line-up.

Productivity and convenience of dual external monitors are provided via Thunderbolt 4™ connection. Outshining standard docking stations in data and video performance, our Thunderbolt 4™ dock is ideal for content creators, gamers and streamers who want to record and capture video at the highest settings possible. Offering the most compatibility and best performance possible, the VT5400 docking station provides versatility without sacrificing power.

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Here’s Everything You Need to Know About USB-C

These days USB-C is widespread throughout various pieces of tech due to its charging and data transfer capabilities. Faster and more compact than its predecessor USB Type-A (also known as USB 3.0), USB-C ports and cables can be found in most modern laptop set-ups, mobile chargers, and more.

Unfortunately, USB-C can be a little more complicated than it appears to be, with separate applications and limitations to its use in various pieces of tech. VisionTek is ready to help clear things up. What follows is a thorough breakdown of USB-C in its various forms, best options for cables and adapters, and recommendations for uses considering future tech

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Find the Right Wireless Portable Speakers to Bring the Noise

Perfect for home gyms, beach outings, hiking, golfing, family barbecues and mobile desk spaces, portable speakers are a classic accessory with major utility. Even better, modern portable speakers are more powerful, more compact, and more technically useful than their classic predecessors. Complete with Bluetooth connections and more durable with each new iteration, a portable wireless speaker is a fantastic addition to your collection of summer-ready tech. 
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Expand Your Workspace with the Triple Display VT7100

Whether it’s hybrid work or a full-time remote office, working professionals now need the right equipment to be efficient at home. The VT7100 has the power and capability to transform laptops to a proper tech-friendly home office workstation. With one USB-C connection you can connect HD webcams, plug in USB drives, expand to multiple displays, and connect your headphones and mic. Stop worrying about digging around for the right cables and use a dock that has everything you need in one place. 
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4 Displays in a Single Small Form Factor Graphics Card

VisionTek’s AMD Radeon® graphics cards are ideal for businesses looking to increase productivity by supporting up to four displays. With 4K resolution support, these cards are perfect for digital signage in a corporate office or high resolution menus in restaurants. Turn your system into a marketing, trading or training power house with a single graphics card installation.
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