Frequently Asked Questions

Common Warranty Questions

At VisionTek, we pride ourselves on having great warranties on all of our products, and stand behind them should a customer have an issue. Here are some commonly asked questions regarding our warranties, product registration, and more.

The Tek Support team can look up your product registration if you call 1 866 883 5411 and give them your product serial number and your information.

VisionTek products that were not registered at within 30 days of purchase will only be covered under warranty for one year from purchase date (with proof of purchase supplied).

Unfortunately, if you bought a used VisionTek product, it is not under warranty. Product warranties are non-transferrable. As it states under our warranty information"Except where prohibited by law the warranty is non-transferable. The warrantee shall pay the cost of returning the defective product to VisionTek's service center. No VisionTek product will be accepted for warranty service without a copy of a valid proof of purchase and an RMA number."

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To help ensure warranty claims are valid, as well as expedite any returns, VisionTek requires all products to be registered within 30 days of purchase. Registering your product and uploading a copy of your receipt also helps our Tek Support team quickly issue a service order number in the event a return is necessary.

To register your product, simply fill out the "Warranty Registration" form with all of the proper information. Uploading a copy of your receipt to show proof of purchase is recommended, as proof of purchase is needed in order to process a return or replacement. Uploading your proof of purchase when you register your product will expedite the return/replacement process in the event you need to file a warranty claim.

Warranty information may be found here. That page outlines all of the warranty coverage for our various warranty time frames, including our Limited Lifetime Warranty.