VisionTek Launches Portable Thunderbolt 3 SSD Enclosures for Mac and PC

VisionTek Launches Portable Thunderbolt 3 SSD Enclosures for Mac and PC

VisionTek Introduces Portable Thunderbolt™ 3 SSD External Storage

Give your Thunderbolt™ 3 equipped Mac & PC expanded storage with lightning fast rugged and portable 512GB and 1TB Thunderbolt 3 SSD Storage Enclosures

The VisionTek Portable 512GB and 1TB Thunderbolt™ 3 SSD external storage enclosures are ideal for creative professionals, IT power users, and PC enthusiasts seeking the fastest portable storage read/write speeds available today. Thunderbolt™ 3 is Intel’s external high-speed connection port commonly found on the most recent generation of laptops and mini PCs. Delivering up to 40Gbps of bandwidth, VisionTek’s new Portable Thunderbolt 3 SSD offers performance increases up to 150 times faster than legacy HDDs. The combination of high performance NVMe SSD with a Thunderbolt™ 3 system creates the perfect performance boost for Power Users who need fast database backups or to rapidly move files from one system to another.

Rugged, Portable, and Compact design is perfect for Real World Use

The Portable 512GB and 1TB Thunderbolt™ 3 SSD external storage enclosures combines a sleek and portable design that easily fits in your travel bag or pocket for ultimate convenience. Engineered for long-term real-world use, you’ll experience speeds up to 1800 MB/s, up to 100x greater data reliability than a costly Enterprise Class HDD, and access times up to 150x faster than a conventional HDD. The portable enclosure provides complementary speeds to a M.2 PCIe x4 NVMe SSD. 40Gbps Thunderbolt 3 Interface—Connects to any Thunderbolt 3 computer port, or at the end of a Thunderbolt 3 device daisy chain.

Because it features a Silicon Motion Controller and tier one high-performance NAND flash, the VisionTek Portable Thunderbolt 3 SSDs are designed to deliver top speeds with the files you utilize daily…videos, MP3s, graphics files, and zip files. While these files are compressed, the SSD controller doesn’t slow down while processing them like other controllers do.

Whether you have a rugged full-sized laptop or travel light with an Ultrabook, the Portable Thunderbolt 3 SSD is the fastest external storage option. Ultrabooks and performance laptops can benefit from the increased storage and speeds. Example compatible systems include 2016 & 2017 Apple MacBook Pro, Dell Precision 7510, Dell Precision 5510, Dell XPS 13, Dell XPS 15, Dell Latitude 5280 and Alienware 17. Powered by Intel Thunderbolt 3 technology and certified for MacOS and Windows.

Benefits of the VisionTek Thunderbolt™ 3 eGFX External GPU Enclosure include:

  • Fast: Access time up to 150x faster than HDD, up to 1700 MB/s
  • Efficient: Optimized for low power consumption and bus powered (no external power required)
  • Compact: 2.5” x 4.25” x .6” (About the size of a deck of playing cards)
  • Reliable: Utilizes standard 22 x 80 mm NVME PCIe VisionTek SSDs in an all-aluminum enclosure for extended durability
  • Intel Certified: MacOS and Windows, powered by Intel Thunderbolt 3 technology
  • TAA Compliant: Enclosure and drives are made in TAA compliant countries
  • Use with latest OS: Compatible with Windows 10 and OS X
  • Thunderbolt 3: Utilizes the Thunderbolt 3 port on your laptop or desktop, not backward compatible with USB Type C
  • US Tech Support: Backed by free lifetime US-based support

Trusted Name Brand in Graphics for Nearly 30 Years

2018 will mark the 30th anniversary of VisionTek's brand and personifies our "Built To Last" product slogan. As the company moves to the future, VisionTek will continue to innovate and adapt to the changing needs of our evolving technology market.

"Thunderbolt 3 has opened up a vast oasis of incredible new products for VisionTek." said Michael Innes, President, VisionTek Products, LLC. “We are in a unique position to combine 30 years of memory manufacturing experience with a Certified Thunderbolt 3 SSD enclosure design.  It truly is a perfect pairing of experience and innovation.”  


VisionTek’s Portable 512GB and 1TB Thunderbolt™ 3 SSD external storage is launching immediately at Expanded availability will follow later in the month at leading resellers and distributors across North America.  For more information on the new line of Thunderbolt 3 products from VisionTek, visit

About VisionTek Products, LLC

Founded in 1988, VisionTek remains true to its suburban Chicago roots with offices in East Dundee and Schaumburg, IL, USA. VisionTek's rich history shaped the company into what it is today. Currently, VisionTek is focused on expansion of new products to diversify, compliment, and balance our core technology product lines. VisionTek continues to offer state-of-the-art graphics cards, memory, solid-state drives and accessories to service the technology marketplace. The VisionTek product line now includes cables, adapters, power supplies, mini keyboards, gaming network cards, mobile accessories, audio products and more.

VisionTek branded products can be found at major retailers, distributors, PC system builders, and e-commerce sites across North America and in parts of Europe. 


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Published on : 11 Jun, 2018