VisionTek® Memory

Improve your computer's performance quickly and easily. VisionTek memory is the most cost-effective and easy DIY system upgrade that enhances the performance of your computer. Installing new memory can dramatically improve application and system responsiveness and increase your system’s multitasking capabilities by giving programs more memory to use.

Memory Platforms

DDR4 and Legacy DDR3 DIMMs

DDR4 and Legacy DDR3 SODIMMs

DDR4 and DDR3 ECC memory

Laptop, Desktop, and Server Memory

Upgrade your system with VisionTek® Memory

Improve your computer speed and performance
Easy to install
Multitask faster and easier
Limited Lifetime Warranty
ddr4 motherboard

Improve your computer speed and performance

Every app and program you run uses memory, all of them competing for space. By upgrading your computer memory, you provide more space for those programs and apps to run, creating a better performing system.

sodimm in laptop

Multitask faster and easier

More memory means more programs can be run at one time. Systems may slow when running a large amount of programs at once. By upgrading, you can eliminate slowdowns and bottlenecking, meaning your system can do more for you.

ddr4 install

Easy to install

Memory is one of the easiest computer parts to install. By following your system owner’s manual, in just a few minutes time, you can install memory. No need to pay someone else, the installation of memory is quick and easy!

ddr4 warranty

Quality and reliability

VisionTek memory modules use high quality DRAM chips. Designed for durability and reliability, VisionTek memory is backed by our limited lifetime warranty.*

* Full warranty requires product registration within 30 days of purchase. Without registration, warranty period defaults to 1 year.

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