Reviews & Awards

At VisionTek, we pride ourselves on the positive reviews and numerous awards our products have received from some of the top PC and gaming media on the web. Here are some of our most recent accolades.

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2017 Reviews & Awards

"...Audio quality was good, more than good enough for small get togethers... I was especially impressed with the amount of bass when in indoor mode with it sitting on my desk."
"...if you want the most video card you can get in the sub-$250 range without limiting your upgrade path, the VisionTek RX 580 8GB Overclocked Edition is the clear choice."
"...we can state with confidence that the SoundTube PRO produces cleaner, crisper audio and has better bass than most portable Bluetooth speakers we've tested to stands head and shoulders above anything else on the market in its price category."
"VisionTek's SoundTube PRO brings a number of compelling features as well as outstanding sound in a portable and powerful speaker..." "Compared to similar speakers in its class, I found the VisionTek SounTube PRO to manage louder volumes, greater clarity and less distortion..."
"This is a perfect video card for work, office, day trading, and other light office application because of its low power requirements and 6 simultaneous monitors capability."
"…if you're looking for a Bluetooth speaker that is under $50, dustproof, water resistant, features excellent range, and has a built-in microphone, I can confidently say that you can't go wrong with the BTi65."|
"VisionTek's SoundTube Pro Bluetooth Speaker has to be on your list of potential purchases if you're in the market for a premium Bluetooth speaker. The market is already quite saturated and it's nice to see a new, quality product emerging into the marketplace. The sound is crisp, superb, and it certainly rivals many of the $200 wireless speakers already on the market. $99 feels like a steal and it's definitely worth your consideration."


2016 Reviews & Awards

XDA Developers

"The VisionTek BTi65 Speaker: Impressive Sound at an Impressive Price. The VisionTek BTi65 is… a diamond in the rough… It certainly raised the bar of expectations for a Bluetooth speaker."

The Game Technician
 "In addition to running Windows 10 off the PocketSSD I decided to play some Battlefield 4 as well to see how the drive handed the load of both gaming and the OS simultaneously and I'm pleased to say that the Pocket SSD handled it with ease, I noticed no dips or stuttering during gameplay and it felt as smooth as if I was gaming off a regular SATA SSD."
 75x75 gametech-recommended
 "I was immediately impressed by the build quality… the drive works brilliantly for PC storage and running an operating system. How else can it be used? Xbox One…You get what you pay for. Not only is it extremely durable, but very fast too. Best of all, the speed is consistent… The VisionTek 512GB Pocket SSD is highly recommended."
PC Mag
"If you need fast, generous storage in a thumb-drive design, the USB 3.0 VisionTek USB Pocket SSD (512GB) is an excellent all-around SSD, with impressive speed and a durable metal build."
75x75 pcmag4-5excellent via RGTek
"I can use it so many scenarios, but one that I think is best for this little beast is a dual boot OS drive to use as a test bench with different graphics cards, drivers, etc... I love it, I love everything about it..."
XDA Developers
"Whether it was the Compute Stick, iPad Mini, NVIDIA Shield TV, LG G4, Samsung S6, Playstation 4, regular desktop and even the office Sony TVs – it easily connected to each with ease. VisionTek's manual suggests that Android users should press the Function and A keys to maximize performance, but I didn't encounter any issues that drove me to do this – nor did I with the iPad Mini."
Nomad's Project Playground
"I highly recommend this drive for any content creator, student, or anyone looking to carry all of their information on a single USB stick. It's amazing, convenient, and well built. Definitely pick one up if you have the opportunity!"
The Game Technician
"...for it's price it really does quite well providing a pleasant 1080p gaming experience with even the newest AAA games so it will handle online gaming with ease. It's overclocking ability was also very good and didn't raise temperatures or increase the sound levels by any significant amount so as such I'm pleased to give the VisionTek /R7 360 The Game Technician Recommended Award."
75x75 gametech-recommended
WCCF Tech/
"It's quite literally pocket sized. No additional cables, no bulky enclosure or additional power connectors to carry about with you.  You simply get a large amount of fast, easy to access storage."
Unbox Therapy
"That's serious business right there... This little guy is fast!"
Video reveiw! Watch here: The Smallest, Fastest Storage EVER?
PC World
"The Visiontek USB 3.0 Pocket SSD is self-contained (no cable to lose as with the Samsung T1), affordable, and a very fast reader. It also shed heat quite well in my testing and has a nice heft to it. Nothing to dislike there."

Top Ten Reviews
"Its design is unique, because the touchpad is in the center, dividing the keyboard into two sides. This layout is designed to make the mouse easier to reach when typing."

2015 Reviews & Awards

Off Duty Gamers
"This product is an ODG Smart Buy for the tech types who routinely transport large files or to maintain security of not transporting content via the cloud... There are plenty of applications from emergency backups to simply having files available to you at work or a remote site. The prices are great for the format and portability."


ODG Smart Buy


Computer Power User
"VisionTek's DriveXpander 2.5-inch drive expansion slot adapter may not be as thrilling as the company's collection of high-end graphics cards, for example, but it's nonetheless a solid, thoughtful accessory... The DriveXpander's construction is impressive... if you're a power user who constantly needs to shuttle lots of files from system to system, the DriveXpander can help you do it."
iPhone Life
"This is my favorite hub of all time. Sure, it does a great job expanding my port-stingy iPad Air, but it also includes three powered ports that charge devices regardless of the hub being attached to a Mac or not."
"Ultimately, at $19.99 you cannot go wrong. If you have a large family or tend to commute with friends or coworkers, the VisionTek 40W Five Port USB Car Charger can be a life saver. The company has hit a home run. Highly recommended."
PC World
"The Radeon R9 380 is loaded with support for AMD's newest features and delivers the best raw performance you can find for $200 today..."
"We like the VisionTek 240GB Go drive both in single drive and in RAID 0, it's built duraclass tough and uses a well-tested and trusted SandForce controller fully capable of saturating a single Sata ports bandwidth."
75x75 bjorngold
Fatal Hero
"If you've never looked at a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for HTPC or mobile use, the ease of use, simplicity of the design, size and price make this hard to beat."
"...not just another pretty drive the technology incorporated in the VisionTek Go Drive is designed for a balance of performance, reliability, longevity and affordability."
75x75 bjorn3d silverbear
PC World
"...packs 1030MHz base/1080MHz boost clock speeds, a custom dual-fan cooling solution over a beefy heat sink with supplemental heat pipes, and—notably—a killer limited lifetime warranty for both parts and labor."
HiTech Legion
"The VisionTek 120GB Pocket SSD works very well for all applications, I really appreciate the high quality materials that were used in the casing of the drive and how rugged it feels. This device is ideal for anyone who is looking for high speed storage such as someone working in IT or even someone who just wants to carry a large amount of media around with them."
75x75 htl-gold
"There are limitless possibilities with a good road warrior kit... When it comes down to data integrity, security and portability, the VisionTek road warrior kit we designed is hard to beat both price-wise and from a versatility standpoint."
75x75 bjorn-mult 
"The Wallet Drive sports a very sleek and stylish design for an accessory that deals with routine storage and backup of data...  the VisionTek Wallet Drive has completely changed that notion by offering a convenient way to put those spare drives to use."
Windows Secrets
"If you need do-it-yourself portable storage, the Wallet Drive is a bargain."
Funky Kit
" excellent alternative to your everyday HDMI cable... designed to be one cable for all your A/V needs... works well with both the current and future entertainment system. The ultimate in cable management and cost-effectiveness!"
"...the most power efficient card we've tested... good performance at 1080p... 30FPS at 4 is great for a card of this price."

About the DriveXpander: "We love it! ...the design also ensures trouble-free drive use by providing effective passive drive cooling. Includes everything required for Plug and Play operation."

About the Wallet Drive: "...a great time-saver in transferring large files over USB 3.0... pretty exciting to transfer very large files – using up to a 2TB SATA drive – just as one would use a flash drive."

75x75 babeltech wddx
"It's pretty fast... very simple to use... a good solution."
Digital Reviews Network
"The cheapest and best solution to get many more years out of a spare drive."
PC Magazine
"Lets you carry your spare drive in style, and doesn't take up too much space in your pocket. A handy, inexpensive fix to using an internal HD or SSD you have lying around."
75x75 pcmag4-5excellent
PC Magazine
" fast as a standard 2.5-inch external USB SSD... able to achieve blazing 420.6MBps read and 386.8MBps write speeds on the AJA System test... good as a backup boot drive... use it to supplement the meager storage on a system like a Chromebook or budget Windows laptop."
75x75 pcmag-good
Winnipeg Free Press
"It's the ultimate in plug-and-play... With the easy, snap-in connection, you can swap hard drives in seconds."
"...a very rugged design... excellent for VERY quick backups on both Windows and on a Mac... makes it very easy add a drive that offers a much faster speed than a traditional hard drive."
"...combines plug-and-play simplicity with executive looks... lightning-fast data throughput."
" of the faster portable drives we have tested... transforms generic data storage into something far more stylish... very inexpensive for an USB 3.0 enclosure."
75x75 proclockersrecomm
Not Another Mac Podcast

The 3 Meter 4K UHD High Speed HDMI to HDMI Pivot Cable has "...excellent signal throughput quality... very thick and sturdy... amazing price... it's great." The 12 Piece Toolkit for Macs is "... by far the nicest toolkit for Macs... beautiful black nylon bag... tools are clearly marked... what a deal!"

Listen here: Episode 153(VisionTek review starts at approximately 23:30)
" quiet as a library... nice heavy heat sinks... a great foundation to build your dream rig on."
75x75 bjorn3d silverbear
"...offers plenty of performance and style... a steal at the given MSRP."
"...exceeded my every expectation... stylish, fast, ultra-affordable, and makes use and installation easy."
"Build quality quite superb... Performance was quite good..."
Awesomesauce Network
Extensive comparison of two Candyboards' features and functionality.
" of the fastest USB 3.0 Flash type drives on the market... It's built like a tank and built to take punishment."
75x75 bjorn3d silverbear
"...true SSD performance while easily fitting into your pocket... it lives up to the hype. ...this drive is fast enough to do anything a traditional SSD can do... but especially ideal for two tasks: video and running an operating system."
iPhone + iPad Life Magazine
" performs at 10x the speed of a fast flash drive... a great device for hosting Windows or Linux so a Mac can switch personas when needed."
Cult of Mac
"...a terrific portable drive... lets you take your Windows drive anywhere, and access its contents at any time."
Custom PC Review
"...brilliant when it comes to charging multiple devices... a device that you can have confidence in buying once and using forever."
75x75 custompcrev-awesome
Legit Reviews
" of the fastest USB 3.0 Flash drives on the market today... the aluminum housing can take a beating."
"I loved this product... a brilliant item and to be honest I may find myself buying more of them... I give the VisionTek High Power Seven Port USB Charging Hub a review rating of 8 out of 10."
"2-3 times faster than normal USB 3.0 drives... stands out as a portable windows boot drive... perfect for an IT professional or anyone who regularly troubleshoots computers." 
75x75 overclock45stars
Silent PC Review
"...professionally designed and executed with such high quality materials and workmanship. As a cooling solution for hot GPUs, VisionTek products are certainly great options."

2014 Reviews & Awards

The CryoVenom™ R9 290 won a Gold Stevie® - the highest honor awarded - in the "New Product or Service of the Year - Computer Hardware" category at the 2014 American Business AwardsSM

"It's incredibly rewarding to win this product development recognition from the business community as we strive to be best-in-class in everything we do," said Michael Innes, President, VisionTek Products.  Read the full press release here.

cryovenom stevie2014lg 


"...putting next to your bed would be really great... really rugged devices that get a buy rating."
Video Review! Watch here: VisionTek USB Hub Review 
MacDirectory Magazine
"...blazingly fast read/write speeds... a perfect drive for a bootable operating system... a game changer."
"Reliable and easy to install... the price is right and the performance is excellent."
"...alleviates lack of ports... provided very fast transfer speeds... everything you need is in the box."
"...SSD-class speeds in a removable package…enormously faster than USB flash drives..."
"...the best possible charge for your power-hungry devices. You can even play graphics intensive games and still properly charge your phone with this hub."
75x75 cerebraloverload 4plus
"VisionTek has spent more time on this card for you the consumer than any other company... This thing is frickin' awesome... takes the guesswork out of liquid-cooling... never hotter than 52°C... an amazing bargin." 
"...a drive to challenge every other portable storage device... a good value with great speeds"
75x75 pureocgreathardware
"...a great offering... well designed and quite durable... only took 3 seconds to transfer a 1.22GB video file"
75x75 proclockershighlyrecom
"...4K performance miles ahead of any flash drive we have tested... a great value..."
75x75 tweatownbestvalue
Bare Feats
"a 'thumb' drive as fast as 'normal' USB 3.0 SuperSpeed drive enclosure... enough capacity and speed to serve as an alternate boot volume."
Apple Daily Report
"It's a pocket-sized, bus-powered SSD that offers the speed, performance, and storage capacity of an internal SSD... ADR rating: 9 out of 10"
"Holy ***... this is just awesome... absolutely phenomenal performance."
Gadget Review
"...the portability allows it to travel and be used with a laptop... makes you extremely popular with friends running low on juice."
Geek News Central
"I like both of these charging hubs a great deal... reduced the number of power adapters, and consolidated the charge cable mess."
iPhone Life
" hub of power to rule all my connection and charging needs..."
Windows Secrets
"No drivers needed for the hub; it's completely plug-and-play... uniquely convenient."
" wicked-fast USB drive."
Tom's Hardware
"...a very low noise footprint... lower temperatures and increased performance... a substantial advantage over the reference card."
"...great for all users (Mac and Windows) that want to add multiple / additional displays... takes just minutes to setup."
"Build quality is great... Performance was rather impressive…one of the most cost effective solutions for adding portable storage to your arsenal."
75x75 tweaktownbestperf
"...our personal pick for the best value graphics card on the market...  the perfect solution for those looking to buy a mid/high end graphics card without breaking the bank."
"This card is a frickin' beast... all the latest technologies packed into a tiny card."
" strong video card... sets itself apart from the competition... features serious hardware for a serious job."
"very well built, solid, looks great... pricing is reasonable... a pretty sweet deal!"
75x75 pcgamewaresilver
Computer Power User Magazine 
"...this card really blew us away."
MacDirectory Magazine
" exceptional $19.99 toolkit... all the essential tools you need... We were impressed with the quality, utility, and price."
75x75 iward
"VisionTek offers a super compact and feature-rich Bluetooth keyboard/touch pad combo with the Candyboard Bluetooth. A great value for the price, I highly recommend it to anyone in the market for such a device."
75x75 techdissected9
"…a fast portable storage device… the best of both worlds"
75x75 proclockershighlyrecom
"It's extremely portable, sounds great for the size, and definitely won't put much of a dent in your wallet."
75x75 techdissected9half
"The performance is excellent... a great time-saver in transferring large files over to USB 3.0."
AlienBabelTech Recommended
Legit Reviews
" an mSATA drive years of additional service as a super-fast portable USB 3.0 drive… also great to have for cloning your existing mSATA SSD to a new one."
Legit Reviews Recommended
"A great piece of hardware... top quality block, pre-tested, easy to install."
Pureoverclock Great Hardware
Modders Inc
"...the VisionTek CandyBoard Mini Wing Keyboard is a welcome addition as it kicks the full size keyboard and separate mouse to the curb."
75x75 moddersincapproved
"...a great performing water cooled R9 290 that should appeal to the enthusiast crowd."
Overclockers Approved
"This was first experience with any of VisionTek's graphics cards, and needless to say they made an outstanding first impression — and by extension they shine AMD's 290 in a more positive light."
Off Duty Gamers
"...a flexible, recommended solution."
PC Magazine
"...the quietest, coolest, and fastest AMD GPU we've ever tested."
PC Magazine 4 out of 5 Stars, Editor Rating: Excellent
Gadget Review
" of the best consumer level cards on the market and at this price point, it's all win for gamers."
"...a great portable set... exactly what we needed to get the job done."
ModCrash Editor's Choice
"...well suited to the needs of just about anyone who is building or maintaining computer hardware."
Pureoverclock Great Hardware
"...solid performance to meet the needs of most any user."

2013 Reviews & Awards

"...excellent cooling, great performance, an edge over other market entries, and good value."
Techware Labs Gold Award
"A strong price point, strong cooler, and excellent overall performance."
Tweak Town Editor's Choice
"A strong price, decent cooler, and lifetime warranty make for a stand out model."
Tweak Town Best Value
The SSD Review
"An addicting performance/price combination that can't be beat!"
SSD Review Top Value Award
The SSD Review
"Excellent performance... excellent engineering... high capacity not common in mSATA SSDs."
SSD Review Silver Seal
"...amazingly fast and can be up and running quickly."
Overclockers Approved
"...provides excellent performance... impressive against the more expensive NVIDIA cards... cooling design allows for a quiet running card."
AlienBabelTech Recommended
"Price, performance, expandability, adaptability and a Lifetime Warranty makes it very easy to grant the Editor's Choice Award."
Pureoverclock Editor's Choice Award
Gaming Shogun
"5 out of 5 stars for its performance, quality, and value."
Gaming Shogun 5 out 5
VisionTek Red Label Memory Kit
"A great performing 2133MHz memory kit that overclocks very well."
Overclockers Approved
"Excellent performance, able to outperform an SLI setup and at a cheaper price. With a lifetime warranty and lifetime technical support, you have a big win."
Modders Inc Editor's Choice
HD 7970
"We are totally impressed with this enthusiast card scoring so well against more expensive cards."
AlienBabelTech Recommended
"...high quality aluminum housing... audio quality and battery life very good."
NikkTech Platinum Award
"Excellent performance and value to consumers who want a top product."
Pureoverclock Editor's Choice Award

Reviews & Awards from 2012 and Prior

" innovative way to expand your desktop without spending a large amount of money... fantastic to increase productivity if you frequently have multiple browsers, windows or spreadsheets open at once."VisionTek Connect Series USB 3.0 to HDMI/DVI Dual Display Adapter, reviewed by Pureoverclock on September 5, 2012 and awarded the Great Value award.


"One of the finest quality SSDs on the market... a very good balance for mainstream users and enthusiasts." 120GB Racer Series SSD, reviewed by TweakTown on August 29, 2012.


"A solid looking kit of RAM that performs well with headroom for a higher overclock." VisionTek Red Label EX Series 16GB PC3-17000 DDR3 2133MHz DIMM 240-Pin Memory Kit, reviewed by TweakTown on June 14, 2012 and awarded the Editor's Choice award.


Regarding the 60GB Go Drive, "Compressible, sequential throughput is excellent as this drive delivered a steady 516MB/s in the read test." 60GB Go Drive SSD and 120GB Racer Series SSD, reviewed by Kitguru on May 31, 2012 and awarded the Worth Buying award.


"A well-performing power supply for first time system builders or mainstream users who don't want to break the bank." 700W Modular Power Supply, reviewed by TweakTown on May 24, 2012 and awarded the Best Value award.


"A great power supply that features a well balanced, modular design, quiet operation, good cabling, and is well priced." VisionTek 800W 80 Plus Bronze Modular Power Supply, reviewed by Kitguru on May 4, 2012 and awarded the Worth Buying award.


"We remain very impressed…the VisionTek 7850 and 7870 cards are great gaming options…accessible and affordable products that run well and don't cost a fortune." VisionTek Radeon HD 7870 2GB PCIe and VisionTek Radeon HD 7850 2GB PCIe, reviewed by Pureoverclock on May 3, 2012 and awarded the Great Hardware award.


"...a solid collection of display outputs and adapters, able to fit within the confines of two expansion slots... VisionTek tempts us with the second-lowest cost of entry, the highest stable memory overclock (an astounding 1900MHz), and the only limited lifetime warranty in the crowd." Radeon HD 7970 3GB PCIe, reviewed by Tom's Hardware on May 1, 2012.


"Strong out of the box performance, awesome overclocking ability and a competitive price point make it one of the best video cards on the market." Radeon HD 7950 3GB PCIe, reviewed by TweakTown on April 27, 2012 and awarded the Editor's Choice award.


"...a high-quality, heavy duty heatsink that ensure cool operation, but low enough in profile to suffer from fewer clearance isues compared to other high-end memory manufacturers." VisionTek Red Label EX Series 16GB PC3-17000 DDR3 2133MHz DIMM 240-Pin Memory Kit, reviewed by Neoseeker on April 12 2012 and comes Recommended.


"The modules look great... beefy aluminum heatsinks... performance is rather stout." VisionTek Red Label EX Series 8GB PC3-17000 DDR3 2133MHz DIMM 240-Pin Memory Kit, reviewed by Pureoverclock on April 9, 2012 and awarded the Great Hardware award.


"Performed as well if not better than any kit we have reviewed to date. These modules are a great option for high overclocks with cutting edge memory speed and performance." VisionTek Ultimate Performance PC3-14900 EX Quad Channel Memory Kit, reviewed by Pureoverclock on March 29, 2012 and awarded the Great Hardware award.


"Performed very well and was stable, even when overclocked to 2240MHz…priced reasonably well and could provide that performance tuning headroom enthusiasts are looking for." VisionTek Ultimate Performance Red Label PC3-17000 4x4GB Quad-Channel Memory Kit, reviewed by HiTechLegion on March 27, 2012 and awarded the Gold Award.


"The functionality, including overclocking ability, was absolutely outstanding. The cooling was steady and temperatures were relatively low." VisionTek Radeon HD 6850 1GB PCIe, reviewed by Benchmark Reviews on November 11, 2011.


"Excellent range, battery life, and Bluetooth compatibility make this the perfect item for multiple platforms."Bluetooth Candyboard, reviewed by Benchmark Reviews on January 15, 2011, and awarded the Golden Tachometer Award.


"If you want one of the coolest, low-profile cards that can handle both 3D and HTPC usage, the VisionTek HD 5550 is definitely for you. Low power usage and runs quiet even under load." VisionTek Radeon HD 5550 1GB PCIe, reviewed by ReviewStash on September 29, 2010.


"Some nice features, the heat sink runs very quietly and kept the GPU core temperature cool after hours of testing, and it performed decently." VisionTek Radeon HD 4850 1GB, reviewed by OverclockersClub on August 26, 2009, and awarded the Silver Award.


"...offering an incredible level of performance…in terms of value you will be hard pressed to find anything better." VisionTek Radeon HD 4870 512MB, reviewed by TechSpot on August 8, 2008.