VisionTek Thunderbolt 3 Mini eGFX

VisionTek Thunderbolt 3 Mini eGFX

VisionTek Thunderbolt 3 Mini eGFX RX570 Limited Edition

The VisionTek Thunderbolt™ 3 Mini eGFX Limited Edition comes in it's own specialized wooden box filled with swag and of course, our Mini eGFX enclosure with an AMD Radeon RX 570 8GB ITX graphics card.

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The VisionTek Mini eGFX w/ RX 570 Limited Edition Box provides unparalleled performance in a compact design with bonus items, for a limited time.

The VisionTek Thunderbolt™ 3 Mini eGFX Enclosure with RX 570 8GB ITX is ideal for creative professionals, IT/enterprise power users, professional users in healthcare, finance, scientific research labs, etc., and gaming enthusiasts seeking the ultimate GPU performance improvement to Thunderbolt™ 3 equipped laptops. Delivering up to 40Gbps of bandwidth, Thunderbolt™ 3 is the industry’s fastest interface that is rapidly becoming popular on new generation of laptops and mini PCs. VisionTek’s Mini eGFX combined with a graphics add-in card significantly boosts the GPU performance of a Thunderbolt™ 3 enabled laptop, via a plug and play connection to the enclosure. 

  • Compact Design – Form & function collide to create one of the most compact and flexible enclosure designs in the industry to accommodate a variety of graphics cards (enclosure dimensions: 8.5” x 6” x 2.75”)
  • 3D Graphics Performance – Whether you’re rendering complex 3D images or playing intense first-person shooters, the eGFX enclosure supports a wide range of mini ITX size graphics cards.
  • Power – 240W of dedicated power is provided with the VisionTek Mini eGFX Enclosure.
  • Multiple Displays – Supports up to six 4K displays @ 60fps from laptops & mini PC’s. Scalable to the needs of the user with the addition of a graphics card to fit the application’s needs.
  • Maximum 3D Resolution Control –Set limits using the GPU’s proprietary firmware controls to customize resolution settings, enhance 3D performance, and assign multi-monitor layouts.
  • Additional High-Speed USB 3.0, Ethernet Connection, and SATA III Port – The design uses a second Thunderbolt™ controller with PCIe-to-USB and PCIe-to-LAN controllers to provide Two (2) additional USB 3.0 ports that are conveniently accessible on the front panel of the eGFX enclosure and one (1) RJ45 ethernet Gigabit LAN connection located on the back side of the enclosure.
  • Dual Thunderbolt™ 3 Controller: Ensures dedicated lanes for graphics and peripherals, providing greater stability of low-latency USB peripherals such as mouse and keyboard.
  • Cool and quiet: Perforated design and internal fans allow for ample cooling of the graphics card
  • Intel Certified: MacOS and Windows, powered by Intel Thunderbolt™ 3 technology
  • Use with latest OS: Compatible with Windows 10 and OS X
  • Thunderbolt™ 3: Utilizes the Thunderbolt™ 3 port on your laptop or desktop, not backward compatible with USB Type C
  • US Tech Support: Backed by free lifetime US-based support
  • Includes: RX 570 ITX graphics card, 240W Power Supply adapter, quick install guide and .5M Thunderbolt™ 3 Cable, the VisionTek 3M HDMI Pivot cable and Intel™ swag all in a limited edition wooden box

When your definition of high-performance means both design and performance this is your solution.

Engineered for long-term real-world use, you’ll experience unparalleled graphics computing power. The VisionTek mini eGFX work with your system and Thunderbolt™ 3 to deliver significantly more graphics power than an integrated graphics chip. From digital signage, to gaming, to rendering, to radiology the added PCIe 3.0 port is yours to add on peak performance.

Key Features

  • PCIe 3.0 port supporting select graphics cards*
  • Dual Thunderbolt™ 3 controller ensures dedicated lanes for graphics and peripherals
  • 2x USB 3.0 ports on the front for added connectivity
  • RJ 45 Gigabit Ethernet for high speed network connectivity
  • Aluminum design for lightweight performance
  • Works with your laptop display or external displays to provide a massive increase in graphics power
  • Data Transfer up to 40 Gbps
  • Power Delivery up to 45W to compatible laptop systems
  • 240W Power Supply provides 75W via PCIe Slot, up to 150W utilizing included 6+2 pin 12V connectors

Fits Select Portable Computers
Whether you have a rugged full-sized laptop or travel light with an Ultrabook, VisionTek mini eGFX increases your productivity. Ultrabooks and performance laptops can benefit from the increased graphics computing power. Example compatible systems include 2016 & 2017 Apple MacBook Pro, Dell Precision 7510, Dell Precision 5510, Dell XPS 13, Dell XPS 15, Dell Latitude 5280 and Alienware 17. Powered by Intel Thunderbolt 3 technology and certified for MacOS and Windows.

Compatible with:

  • Dell® Precision 3520
  • Dell® Precision 5520
  • Dell® Precision 7520
  • Dell® Precision 7720
  • Lenovo ThinkPad P1
  • Lenovo ThinkPad P52

The following Macs® support eGPU* setups, with macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 installed

  • 2016 MacBook Pro®*
  • 2017 MacBook Pro®*
  • 2017 4K iMac®*
  • 2017 5K iMac®*
  • 2017 iMac Pro®*

Warranty:  1 Year

Device IS NOT BACKWARD COMPATIBLE WITH Thunderbolt™ 1, 2 or USB-C Devices. To be recognized by the PC, a Thunderbolt™ 3 chip on PC is required. PC BIOS must also support eGPU Technology. Please verify your configuration has Thunderbolt™ 3 with eGPU support.

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