Mini DisplayPort to SL DVI 1.8M Active Cable (M/M)

Mini DisplayPort to SL DVI 1.8M Active Cable (M/M)

HDMI to DisplayPort 1.5M Active Cable (M/M)

HDMI to DisplayPort 1.5M Active Cable (M/M)

DVI to DisplayPort 1.5M Active Cable (M/M)

The VisionTek DVI to DisplayPort Active Cable will convert a DVI signal into a DisplayPort signal, making this adapter idea for digital entertainment centers, home offices, business conference rooms, and trade show displays. At 1.5 meters, you can connect directly from your system to a display without the need of additional adapters or cables.

  • Supports DVI-D digital signal to DisplayPort
  • Resolutions up to 2560x1440 32-bit color @60Hz
  • Supports AMD Eyefinity technology
  • No drivers required
  • Plug 'n Play with no power input required
  • Compatible with any DVI-D system

Active Cable

Actively converts signal from DVI

to DisplayPort when using

3 or more displays

Widespread Compatibility

TV's, Displays,

Monitors & Projectors

with DisplayPort

Plug & Play

No software needed

No additional power needed

No additional adapters needed

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DVI to DisplayPort
1.5M Active Cable (M/M)

The VisionTek DVI to DisplayPort 1.5 meter (5 foot) cable lets you connect your legacy DVI laptop, desktop or dock to the latest DisplayPort monitors with one simple cable. Most other adapters on the market require multiple adapters, then an additional display cable. This solution provides an all in one solution without the need for additional power or adapters.

With the 1.5 meter (5 foot) length, the DVI-D to DisplayPort cable provides ample length so you can configure your desk or presentation setup however you wish.

NOTE: This cable is not bi-directional. This cable converts
DVI to DisplayPort only, not vice-versa.

VisionTek Display cables offer a quick solution for your display needs. Our cables work across all operating systems including OS X, Linux and Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. Where necessary, our cables are active for expanded compatibility with multi monitor displays, docks, and digital signage. AMD Eyefinity is also supported with our cables. Each VisionTek cable has been extensively tested with HP, Dell, Lenovo and Mac systems to ensure a wide range of system compatibility.

Key Features

  • Supports resolutions up to 1440p WQXGA (2560 x 1440 @ 60Hz).
  • Connect your DVI-D device to a DisplayPort display, TV or projector.
  • Supports DVI-D digital signal only. DVI-I analog signal is not supported.
  • Supports AMD Eyefinity Multi-Display technology.
  • No O/S driver required.
  • Plug 'n Play with no power input requirement.
  • One Year Warranty.
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